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Client Testimontials

Aly has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to physical fitness. She has given me advice on numerous occasions as I started my own journey to get fit. It is inspiring to know someone has been through and had success at the same thing I am starting! I would definitely recommend Get It Body Fitness to any woman that needs assistance in starting their own journey to getting fit!

Ashley H.

My arms jiggle less when I brush my teeth and I can wear my actual wedding ring now! Also, my pants are rather loose. (After two week Fat Furnace)

Sarah B.

After two weeks, I can definitely see a change in my body. I fit clothes a little better and I am a lot less bloated than I normally am. I feel much better overall. You definitely keep it challenging. I like the difference in all the workouts and I love that I’m learning new things. I look forward to the next few week as the workouts get a little harder. I like seeing the changes my body is making!

Kimberly W.

You are sooooo awesome at what you do. You give me motivation to reach my goal and continue to excite me with new workouts. I love and look forward to it. Thank you for being you. :)

Franchesca S.

Aly is fabulous. She builds up the workout level slowly so I have always felt the workout – but never sore. Her nutrition counseling provides a very easy to use system that works and again – is not painful. Absolutely would encourage you to give her a try!

Sylvia A.


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